Saturday, 1 March 2014

What’s Fermenting?

A list of beers currently fermenting.  See also the Projects page, which is a better overview of the site.

I’ll try to keep this up to date.  If you want to understand my fermenter naming system, the main thing to know is that the second letter indicates whether the fermenter has had brett and/or LAB in it: “C” means clean, “B” means brett.  My “house culture” started with Jolly Pumpkin dregs, and has since had more dregs, a bunch of brett strains, and ECY20 added to it.  The lactobacillus started as a pack of Wyeast Berliner Weisse blend (3191); I’ve kept it going by feeding it apple juice, and there’s a chance there’s some brett from the original blend in there too.

Fermenter Beer Fermenting with… Notes
Wide-mouth Carboys      
3 Gallon      
BB1 Buckwheat Saison WY3726  Blended with small portion of year old lambic-style beer.
BB2 Second Extraction Saison WY3726  Aging on spent and peaches from pLambic, plus three pounds fresh peaches.
BB3 Second Extraction Brown Ale WY3209 Cherries to be added in secondary
BB4 Arthur’s Remains WY3726 Dregs from Hill Farmstead Arthur pitched with yeast.
BB5 Second Extraction Saison WY3726  Aging on spent raspberries and cherries from Flanders Red
BB6 Sour Red Ale WY1318 To be aged with small portion of 1 year old Flanders Red.
BB7 Keeping Porter WY1469   
BB8 C19th IPA WY1028; WLP645; WLP644   
BB9 Stock Ale WY1318 Added dregs from brett-fermented wit.
BB10 Stingo WY1469   
BB11 Adjunct Sour ECY20  
G1 New Hop Saison WY3726  
G2 Dark Sour WY3522; ECY20  Cut with aged sour
5 Gallon      
G1 Aged Hop Saison Wyeast 3726 Blended with one gallon of adjunct sour.
B1 Rye Saison WY3726 Four gallons saison with one gallon no-boil sour.
B2 Adjunct Sour ECY01  
6 Gallon      
B1 Pale Sour Ale WY3763; ECY20 In perpetuum
B2 Flanders Red ECY02 In perpetuum
B3 ECY Solera Batch 1 ECY20  In perpetuum
Small jugs      
1x1 gallon
1x0.5 gallon
No-boil sour WLP644; WLP645; lacto For blending.
2x0.5 gallon Adjunct Sour ECY01  
1 gallon jug House Culture ECY20; JP dregs; various brett strains.  

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